Losing weight or putting on Mass

you have tried everything to loose that fat or put on that muscle, but still no results? what a lot of people get wrong is that your diet is key to your goals! to loose that belly fat you need to be in a caloric deficit or if you wan't to put on muscle mass you need to be in a caloric surplus. it's really that simple! but what is a calorie you might ask? a calorie is just a measurement of consumable energy, you need to start looking at your food as energy if you wan't some great results! if your body get's more energy (calories) than it needs it will be stored as fat or muscle, if your body don't need more muscle it will store it as fat for later use.

But how do i count calories? To count calories you need basic math skills, the amount of calories in the food you eat, you will find on the nutrition label on the back side, bottom or side of your products it will usually look something like this:

I recommend using an app called myfitnesspal it's free on apple and android, and you can just scan the bar code on what you are going to eat and put in how much you eat.

if you want to put on muscle you need to be in a slight surplus and eat clean foods so you don't put on unwanted fat.you also need to train smart and have a program that you follow ! where do you get a program? there are many programs out there, you could buy one but it's easy to set up yourself just make sure to train every muscle group once a week, and the one you wan't to improve twice! with all of this you're on your way to building that incredible physique that makes all the ladies go WOW!